How A Lawyer Can Help With Filing For Bankruptcy

14 April 2015
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Did frequent calls from debt collectors lead to you getting rid of your home phone service? You may want to speak with a lawyer about settling your debts through Chapter 7 bankruptcy so you can enjoy having a home phone again. Find out below how a bankruptcy lawyer can help you get out of your debt nightmare so you can start over financially.

How Can a Bankruptcy Lawyer Assist Someone in Debt?

The first thing a lawyer will do to help with your debt situation is speak to you about what you owe creditors. After calculating how far you are in debt, the lawyer will want to know about your income. He or she will figure out if you are making enough income to pay the debts off but is in the habit of mishandling your money. In some cases, a lawyer may suggest bill consolidation over filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy to avoid credit problems.

After your lawyer files your bankruptcy documents, it will be at the discretion of a judge as to whether or not you are approved to file. However, your lawyer will make sure you have enough evidence about your finances to avoid a denial. The lawyer will basically prove to the judge that you are making below the medium income in your state, as it is the main requirement for filing bankruptcy.

When the judge approves your case, a trustee will be appointed to settle debts owed to creditors by debt forgiveness or selling your assets. However, if the trustee opts for selling some of your assets, the lawyer might be able to prevent it from happening. For instance, if your vehicle is one of the assets at risk of being sold for debt payment, the lawyer may try to convince the judge that you need it for getting to and from work.

How Much Does a Bankruptcy Lawyer Charge Per Hour?

What you are charged will depend on the complexity of your case, such as if you are at risk to lose any of your valuable assets. The average hourly price can run up to $300. However, some lawyers may only accept a full payment upfront for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. What you will pay simply depends on who is hired to work your case.

You don't have to live without a home phone because you want to avoid debt collectors. Get in touch with a bankruptcy lawyer like Curtis Hatfield Attorney so you can get a phone and live without the stress of debt!